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Easy Blackjack Betting Strategy

If you don’t want to look like a fool who’s carrying a blackjack betting strategy chart around the casino, here’s a few simple blackjack strategy tips for your to keep in mind.

  • If the dealer has an upcard of 2 or 3, you should hit until you have at least a 13. Once you reach 13 or higher, stand because the dealer is in a bad position.
  • When the dealer’s upcard is 4-6, you are in an even better position and can stop hitting when you reach 12.
  • If the dealer’s upcard is anywhere between a 7 and an ace, you need to hit until you’ve reached 17 or higher.

Just following these three simple casino betting tips can greatly improve your blackjack game. In fact, you can lower the house edge down to about 2% by using these basic tips. Here are a few other tips you can learn in order to improve your blackjack game.

Don’t buy Insurance
If the dealer has an ace as their upcard, you have the option of buying insurance for half of the original bet (side bet). The advantage to buying insurance is that you are paid 2:1 if the dealer gets a blackjack. But, the dealer is only going to have a blackjack 30% of the time so 70% of the time, you are wasting half a bet on this play. Just put, do not look at insurance as something that insures you from a blackjack; instead, look at it as a seperate side bet that loses 70% of the time.

Never play 6:5 Blackjack Payout Games
In most occurances, casinos offer games that make 3:2 payouts on blackjacks. Even though, a few casinos attempt to sneak 6:5 blackjack payouts into the mix, which gets the house an even bigger edge. In reality, just this rule change gives the house an extra 1.4% edge on top of the advantage that the house already has. There are plenty of 3:2 blackjack payout games out there, so you don’t have to take worse odds

Intertops Sportsbook Celebrates 15th Anniversary of First Ever Online Sports Bet

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the day Intertops Sportsbook took the world’s very first online bet. On January 17, 1996 employees at the company’s original Salzburg, Austria office cheered when a Finn named Jukka Honkavaara placed a $50 stake on the outcome of a Tottenham Hotspur and Hereford United football match. Honkavaara collected $52 on that bet, made a $2 profit, and earned his place in igaming history.

Since then, many brands have come and gone but Intertops remains as one of the most trusted igaming operators in the world. The internet’s very first sports book continues to welcome players from around the world and is known for quick, hassle-free deposits and withdrawals and excellence in customer service.

When he participated in Intertops’ celebration of the tenth anniversary of his history-making wager, Honkavaara said “The days of sports betting and bookies having a ‘shady’ reputation are long gone, and the kind of online service that Intertops brought in the sports betting arena brought credibility to the business so that a simple family man like myself can use the service online, from the comfort of my home, without any unnecessary risk.”

As it has been since it first launched, Intertops is published in both English and German. The original Intertops web site was launched in German, to serve the many sports bettors it had been serving by mail and phone since 1983, and in English — the primary language of the Internet and the language most spoken in America where there was and is a huge appetite for sports betting and no high street betting shops to take them.

Intertops was founded in 1983 in London with a UK Bookmakers License and relocated to Austria in 1992. In 1997, the online business moved to Antigua while the traditional sports betting business remained in Austria. 1998 saw the launch of one of the first Microgaming online casinos. Last year the company began licensing casino games from RTG. In 2001, the Intertops developed the first mobile betting application, enabling customers to bet with mobile phones anywhere, anytime. By 2003 began online poker operations, progressing to online skill-based gaming in under a year.

All Jackpots Casino Releases Caribbean Draw Poker

All Jackpots Casino is bringing in the new year’s festive period with the launch of Caribbean Draw Poker, a progressive jackpot online table betting game developed by leading software provider Microgaming.

The online casino, which specializes in progressive slots, has been busy during the holidays adding several premium games to its content, including video slots Santa’s Wild Ride and Royal Feast as well as Premier Roulette, so this latest addition is the cherry on the cake.

Caribbean Draw Poker betting game works along the same line as basic draw poker rules, except that it features two games in one, meaning you can win one of two progressive jackpots.

Players compete one-on-one with the casino dealer using a regular 52-card deck, and swap out two of their cards after the initial deal.

The first progressive jackpot of 20,000 can be won during the regular betting game, while the larger jackpot of 50,000 can be won on the bonus bet if a Royal Flush is dealt. To activate the bonus bet table, simply wager an optional side bet. The bonus bet pays according to the first five cards dealt before the draw.

To put it more simply, placing a side wager turns the table game into a Stud poker game with the original Draw poker game still included.

Right blackjack Betting strategy is a must

It is a well-known fact in betting circles that blackjack bettors who adhere to the fundamentals of basic strategy can keep the house advantage on the game hovering well under 2%, making it one of the best games to play.

Then how does one account for the fact that “hold” on blackjack tables as reported by state gaming commissions in their monthly reports is much higher, generally four times to as much as seven times the house edge?

The answer is that there is a big difference between the house advantage (the built-in mathematical advantage that casinos enjoy) on table games and the hold percentage.

It is important to understand, for example, that a table game’s hold percentage is not comparable to a slot machine’s payback percentage. An expert basic blackjack betting strategy bettor is always playing against under a 2% edge even though that bettor’s losses and wins will vary.

A casino’s hold on blackjack betting represents percentage of money retained as winnings from the total “drop”.

If you’re a basic strategy bettor, just because the mathematics say you’re going to keep the house edge to under 2% doesn’t mean you’re always guaranteed to lose only about $2 for every $100 you play. Sometimes you’ll lose it all in half an hour, other times you’ll double it.

Blackjack betting hold figures are, however, indicative of the number of bettors who don’t play the game rightly. If everyone played using basic strategy, or better yet, employed a card tracking technique, there wouldn’t be any blackjack tables in casinos. The greatest percentage of profits the game yields come from poor bettors and reckless money managers.

The basic blackjack betting strategy of is pretty much cut and dried. Entire sections of books about blackjack betting are devoted to it, yet when you get right down to it, all the pertinent information can be printed on a credit card size chart to which you can refer for decision-making advice even while seated at the table.

If you’re a $5-a-hand bettor and consistently make $5 bets, chances are the casino will grind your money from you no matter how good a bettor you are. If you play for any length of time consistently wagering $5 a hand, the game is structured in such a way that you’ll be fortunate to break even.

The key to making money while wagering on blackjack is recognizing opportunities to increase and/or double your wager to take advantage of favorable playing situations. The only way to do this is to know the fundamentals of basic strategy and, even better, keep some mental track of the cards that have already been dealt.

One way to get started is to become an interactive blackjack bettor instead of a passive one. Don’t just pay attention to your hand. All the cards are out there on the table face up for you to observe. It can be a big advantage, especially when it gets down to the last few deals out of the shoe.

If your observations tell you the shoe is somewhat depleted of lower value cards and rich in 10-value cards and aces, a bet increase may be in order. You’re not just playing a hunch. You’re taking a calculated risk based on knowledge that few bettors take the time to learn.

Any game worth playing is worth playing rightly. Betting on the blackjack table while using right strategy combined with sound money management will not only increase your chances of winning, it’ll cut into the profits casinos generate at the tables.

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