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Betsson Champions League Final Free betting Campaign

The clash of Europe’s best stands right before and Betsson celebrates this exciting football action between FC Bayern and Inter Milano with an amazing free betting campaign. All customers who bet 10 Euro or more on the Champions League Final will get access to a:

-$ 1.000 Poker Freeroll
-2 Euro Voucher for the Betsson Scratch Cards
-3 Euro Voucher form the Betsson Casino.

Just register or use your existing Betsson Sportsbook account and place a 10€ or more on a three way bet (1X2) for the Champions League Final FC Bayern vs. Inter Milano on Saturday 22nd May then claim your three freebets.

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And it’s that easy to take part:

Bet on the Champions League Final with Betsson Sportsbook and get 3 amazing FREE offers.

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Bet 10€ or more on a three way bet for the Champions League Final
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Betsson is the place to enjoy games, make bets and interact with friends. It is an award winning gaming portal, offering sport book, online casino betting with giant jackpots, poker betting, scratchcards, forex, bingo and much more. Betsson gives the customers the chance to enjoy the excitement of gaming in a safe environment with many payment and withdrawal solutions and a 24/7 customer service in 18 languages.

Senator Lesniak Introduces Online Betting Bill In New Jersey

Senators in several states have been discussing the idea of legalizing online Betting in their jurisdictions. Senator Raymond Lesniak has released a Bill in New jersey that no only would legalize online poker betting, but also other casino games.

Part of the reason that Lesniak is moving ahead of the federal government is his plan to ensure that New Jersey gambling operators have their pick of customers from the state. One of the stipulations in the proposed Bill is that Internet companies must be located in Atlantic County.

The online casino industry would be set up similar to the one in Atlantic City. The age requirements and rules of the games would be patterned after the AC casino industry. The news of the proposed Bill has been welcomed by online Betting supporters.

“We’re happy that New Jersey has taken this issue into their own hands,” said Interactive Media Entertainment and gambling Association Chairman Joe Brennan, in a press release, “New Jersey is recognized as having the toughest gambling regulators in the US, but as a leading gambling state with a long track record of doing things the right way, Internet Betting will have a great home here and the opportunity to begin normalizing the industry.”

New Jersey is not the only state that is considering legalizing online Betting. California Senators are also in the process of developing laws that, if approved, could regulate online poker in California.

On a national level, Representative Barney Frank has released legislation that would overturn the UIGEA of 2006. The proposal already has over sixty co-sponsors, and the regulated Internet Betting premise is gaining support of several Senators.

In New Jersey, not only would poker betting be legalized under the new Bill, but also blackjack betting, craps, roulette betting, slots, and other casino games that can be found in casino resorts.

Blackjack Betting Made Safe and Easy

Our betting blog is aimed at providing information, reviews and directions for people looking to spend their leisure time at blackjack betting online. The blog consists of reviews, a list of top blackjack betting sites. It serves as an entry point for people looking to start out betting online as well as a resource for those who already do.

The detailed reviews ensure that visitors know what to expect from the sites offering online casino game blackjack and what sites to be wary of. A section in the blog deals with the basics of blackjack so that beginners can learn the rules and other basics. Another section enlightens the visitors regarding the odds in a game of blackjack.

Betting and betting have been around since the time human beings have been. Guessing results of random things has always fascinated people. In the historic times, people used to bet using bones and other such things. Since then, betting has come a long way and the most recent form is online betting. Many sites offer this facility and for the convenience of finding all such sites at one place, our blog has gathered the information and published on it.

While playing the online casino game blackjack from your home rather than in an actual casino has many advantages, the concerns over security are high and warranted. There are many fraud sites on the internet that may try and steal your money when you play. Since you are required to provide information such as your credit card number, you have to be very careful in choosing the site on which to play blackjack. Our blog helps in this deciding as they only display the list of trusted sites.

The blog is gaining popularity among the online gamblers community. Since it caters to amateurs and experienced players, many have started making use of the facilities provided by the blog. The creators of the blog offer the visitors links to good blackjack sites, comprehensive reviews as well as tips to make the online blackjack experience a nice one.

Introduction to Online Slots Betting

The very first slot ever played was nothing more than three rattling barrels with cards glued to them; if the gambler hit a winning combination, then they had to tell the bar manager who would pay them with bevereges or a meal.
Today gamblers betting online can be overwhelmed by the thousands of different slots titles available. Online slot machines varie from the classic 3-reel game to multi-line video slots.

Online Classic Slots
Classic slot machines borrow on the simple three-reel format that characterized the first slot machines. Generally these games have only one pay-line down the center, and gamblers must line up three matching symbols in the game window in order to win.

Online 5-reel Slots
5-reel slots were the first variation made on the classic three-reel . The end result is more symbols, more possible combinations and more pay-lines. To get the big prize, 5-reel slot gamblers must line up all five symbols on a paying line, though often combinations of as few as three or even two consecutive symbols still pay.

Online Bonus Slots
A bonus slot is any machine that offers a side prize for achieving a certain combination. At times the bonus game is just a series of free spins, other times it’s an animated scene that ends in a randomly generated prize, and still other times it’s its own interactive mini game. Online slot machines offering bonuses generally have a special bonus reel that must appear in a predesignated area or order to initiate the bonus game.

Online Progressive Slots
Progressive slots are any slot machine that is connected to a system wide jackpot – they can be any of the above types. Progressives are generally connected to a group of same or similar slot machines that are arranged in banks.
The progressive jackpot grows with every wager, but to win it a gambler must be betting max credits. While most progressive jackpots are worth a few thousand dollars, some online progressives frequently get up to a million or more.

Online Video Slots
Video slots were the first slot machines to replace the actual reals with a computerized screen. Though most video slots still emulate the look and feel of a classic slot, some spin side to side or drop blocks instead of spinning reels. Video slots allow gamblers to bet on 20 or more different pay-lines and also paved the way for in-game bonuses.

European Roulette Betting

European roulette is one of the oldest casino games; it has been played in its current form for hundreds of years. Roulette’s long history seems to lend itself to misconceptions, suspicions and myths. Here we explore one of European roulette’s most important betting facts and also one of its fictions.

Is European Roulette betting Better than American Roulette
This is not myth. European roulette really is the fairest form of this game. Though the double zero wheel is in reality the original layout of the game, the single zero wheel that is now the symbol of European roulette was popularized in Monte Carlo late in the 1800s. The double zero wheel stayed the standard in the U.S., therefor the designations of European and American roulette based on the number of slots on the wheel.

Why European roulette? Believe it or not the addition of an extra green space in American roulette nearly doubles the house edge on all wagers. Conversely then the use of only a single green space in European roulette translates to a much lower overall house edge which stands at about 2.7%. Add in the en prison rule, and you’ve found the best roulette wheel currently available.

Breaking the Wheel
Back when roulette was played on handmade and even factory-made roulette wheels, it was ordinary for the games to break down over time, creating a bias. Regular roulette players would watch hundreds of games and record the outcomes in order to detect these predilection. Casino players would then use betting strategy or systems designed to exploit these predilection.

While today’s live casinos are fast to replace any wheels showing wear, online European roulette does away with the potential for partiality altogether by using randomization software that perfectly simulates live roulette’s ideal, unbiased results. That means that the game will never break down and therefore will never show a bias, making breaking the wheel impossible and rendering betting systems worthless.

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