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Parlay Betting System

The Parlay betting system is considered a progressive betting system which may be used once you play blackjack. The Parlay system is like the Paroli progressive betting system in which it is a positive progression system for which the goal is to increase — or pyramid — your gains.

Consistent with all progressive betting systems, Parlay should be used together with the blackjack basic strategy to embetter your gaming achievement.


Parlay – a Positive Blackjack Betting System

A positive betting system is a method in which the gambler awards a win by increasing the bet and lowers the bet following a loss. In the matter of the Parlay system, once a gambler wins she bets her gains in addition to her first bet and carries on to do so on each following profits hand. once she loses she returns to her first bet.

In non-gaming terms, the dictionary’s definition of “parlay” is to “use one’s money, talent, or other assets to achieve a desired objective, such as spectacular wealth or success.” In gaming terminology to parlay is to wager the initial amount and its profits on a following round or hand. So the Parlay is a clear name for this system.

The Parlay is also named the “Let it Ride” system because once you win you keep your profits on the table and let them ride to the next round. A particular kind of parlay system is also used in horseracing. It is also built on a simillar thought which banks use once they collect interest, placing interest on the balance for a quarter and then placing interest on which sum in addition to the interest the following quarter and so on.


Parlay Blackjack Betting in Action

To improve your understanding of how the Parlay betting system works, we will apply actual numbers. The model blackjack gambler is wagering at a table offering a minimum real money bet of $20 and she is a conventional gambler so her primary blackjack bet is $20. If she hits a blackjack — she is given 3:2, which translates into $30 on her $20 bet and she gets her original bet given back to her. because she is using the Parlay system, which instructs her to use her profit ($30) plus her original bet ($10) as a bet on the next hand, she makes the $50 bet on her next hand.

If she persists to win at blackjack, the gambler stays with the same pattern of betting. If she loses, she returns to her first bet. It is also a great idea once using the Parlay — or any progressive betting system, for which matter — for the gambler to set a maximum bet in her head prior to beginning to play. The negative side of the Parlay blackjack betting system is which even a nice profit streak may end and a large bet may be lost lest the gambler decides to quit while she is ahead at some predetermined point.

Paroli Betting System

Paroli Betting Strategy and example

The Paroli betting system is considered a positive progression system and is the opposite of the Martingale system. In the Paroli betting system, gamblers begin with betting one unit. If gamblers win the first bet gamblers increase their following bet, rather than lowering their following bet.

If gamblers intend to use the Paroli betting strategy, gamblers should form a detailed betting plan prior to beginning to play. gamblers must make a decision on exactly how far gamblers are going to raise their bets to until gamblers begin the system from the start. This all depends on which type of game gamblers are playing and what type of odds gamblers are receiving during game play.


When to apply the Paroli Betting System?

The central benefit behind applying the Paroli betting system is that you will not need a big bankroll in comparison to a few other systems you may heard about. This betting strategy is commonly thought of as a fairly stable class of betting in comparison to other systems.


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  2. Martingale Betting System
  3. Labouchere Betting System
  4. Paroli Betting System
  5. Parlay Betting System


Illustration of the Paroli Betting System

As an example, a gambler is playing at the online blackjack table and has $200 right in front of him. The gambler had made the decision to apply the Paroli strategy and he is begining his bets at $4 each. The gambler puts down his initial $4 bet and gains $4. The gambler puts his second bet of $8. The gambler wins with the second bet and puts his third bet of $16.

He wins with the third bet and makes the decision that this will be his end point for the Paroli betting system. He will then return back to his promary bet of $4 and carry on to play with the system during the whole game.
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Labouchere Betting System

The Labouchere system – Money management betting systems & gambling systems.

Negative progression system, additionally named the ‘Cancellation System’.

(See also “The Labouchere System in Reverse” below)

The system is also named the ‘Cancellation’ system. There are several variances. In its basic model, a player drafts down a sequence or a group of digits; for example 1 2 3 4 5 6. The group may be of any length and not inevitably in a sequence for example 1 1 1 3 3 5 7. The selection of a specific group relies on the kind of game you want to administer it to and the odds of the bet.

Every digit symbolizes the quantity in pieces or chips to bet. You bet the first and final of these digits. In this instance 1 and 6, which adds up to 7 pieces.

If you win, you erase the two digits and bet the following two “edges” (the digits on the side). For example 2 and 5. If you win once more you bet on the following two left digits 3 and 4, and if you take that also, you would have made a ‘coup’ or finnished one game. Next you will start from the beginning.

If you lose, then you add that one digit at the end of the group. for example if you lost your first bet of 7 pieces (1+ 6). Then you add digit 7 at the end of the group to be as such: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and your following bet will be 8 pieces (1+ 7). If you win the first bet but lost the second 2 and 5, then the group of digits will look as such: 2 3 4 5 7.

In case you figure it out, you will find that once the group is finnished or once you make a ‘coup’, you will have a profit. The bad side of this system is that you might end up betting big amounts of money even In the case that your first bet was small.

The Labouchere System – Backwards

Add gains to the series in place of losses. In case you win, add one digit, the winning pieces, at the end of the group. In case you lose, erase the two outer digits. Place a suitable goal of for example 20 pieces profit for ‘even money’ bets, and lower for higher odds, and once you reach your goal begin another sequence. series starting is 1,2,3,4 so you risk only 10 pieces per series.

The Labouchere System Backwards is a positive progression betting system.

The Winner’s Edge System – A type of the Labouchere System Backwards:

(Note: The description of the system is reproduced below the exact way it was submitted, word for word. The idea behind this system seems to make a lot of sense. However, the betting procedure and the amounts involved are not clear. If anyone may help in clarifying this, it will be greatly appreciated.)

This is one ordered by a Canadian a few years ago. It is similar to the Cancellation System with this variance: once winning, add the initial and final digit in the series, the initial time, and then 3 digits till you are beat. In case you are beat, add that to the end of the series and bet only the first(only one) digit not crossed off. In case you are beat once more, go to betting the piece bet, to preserve capital. I have found one needs about 40 times the initial digit in the series once starting as a bankroll , with the initial digits being about 40-20-20-20 % (ie $50. series will be written: $20-10-10-10.)Your bankroll taken to the table will be $1000.00.This means, I’ve found that you only have to win 30% of the time to be successful! I have used this very successfully in the casinos, to the place that I was told to step away the table a few times, as the casinos dont desire regular winners. It scares them. This system requires nerve, with out fear and a suitable bank roll. once playing Baccarrat, I was gaining $4000. an hour , yet once more, don’t retreat pushing the money out, or you will lose. The system really pressures one to bet big once gaining and bitty once losing, which is exactly the opposite of what most people do- and what the casino expects.YOu also need high enough table limits . It may be used playing blackjack, baccarrat or roulette, yet is most excellentfor blackjack. Make sure you get their OK to drafts the bets down before you start, and inform them you are not counting cards.

Negative progression betting systems: You increase the bet once you are beat. Require more capital and usually employed to force a gaining outcome following a losing streak. (Nerve-wracking, very painful once you are beat. Avoid these systems In case you can.)

Martingale Betting System

Initially, martingale assigned to a category of betting strategies accepted in eighteenth century France. The most basic of these strategies was prepared for a game in which the player wins his share if a coin lands on heads and loses it if the coin lands on tails. The strategy had the player double his bet following each loss, in case the initial win will balance all former losses in addition to win a gain alike the initial wager. Since a player with limitless funds will with probability 1 after all flip heads, the Martingale betting strategy was viewed as a safe method by the ones who customed it. as expected, no one of these experts as a matter of fact had unlimited funds, and the exponential growth of the bets will after all break the ones who picked to apply the Martingale. furthermore, it has become hardly possible to actualize in online casinos, because of the betting limit at the tables. Due to the fact that the betting limits lower the casino’s short term variance, the Martingale system does not offer a risk to the casino, and most will promote its use, realizing that they have the house advantage and it doesn’t matter when or how much is gambled.

Effect of variance
As with most betting system, it is feasible to have difference from the anticipated negative return by briefly evading the certain losing vein. additionally, a consecutive strand of losses is the only series of effects that aftermaths in a loss of currency, so even once a gambler has lost most of their bets, they can still be in advance, since they continually win 1 unit once a bet wins, indifferent of how most former losses.

instinctive analysis
because anticipation is linear, the anticipated value of a series of bets is just the sum of the anticipated value of each bet. because in such games of chance the bets are independent, the anticipation of all bets is going to be the same, indifferent of whether you formerly won or lost. In most casino games, the anticipated value of most individual bet is negative, so the sum of lots of negative numbers is also continually going to be negative.

arithmetical analysis
The futility of winning in the long run, handed a limit of the size of bets or a limit in the size of a player’s bankroll or credit, is attested by the optional stopping theorem.

arithmetical analysis of a single round
When one round be decided to be a series of following losses followed by a win, or following losses concluding in exhaustion of the player’s bankroll. following a win, the player starts over and is believed to have initiated a new round. A consecutive series of martingale bets can therefor be divided into a series of seperate rounds. Which we will examine the anticipated worth of one round.

Let q be the probability of losing (e.g. for roulette it is 20/38). Let y be the amount of the initiating bet. Let x be the finite number of bets one can afford to lose.
The probability that one loses all x bets is qx. once one loses all your bets, the amount of currency one loses is

Whenever q > 1/2, the expression 1 − (2q)x < 0 for all x > 0. That means for most game where it is more likely to lose than to win (e.g. all chance gambling games), one are anticipated to lose currency on average per round. additionally, the more times one are able to afford to bet, the more one will lose.
As an example, supoffer one has 10,000 available to bet. one bet 100 on the initial spin. If one lose, one bet 200 on the second spin, then 400 on the third, 800 on the fourth, 1,600 on the fifth, and 3,200 on the sixth.
If one wins 100 on the initial spin, one makes 100, and the martingale starts over.
If one loses 100 on the initial spin and win 200 on the second spin, one makes a net gain of 100 at which point the martingale will start over.
If one loses on the initial five spins, one loses a total of 3,100 (3,100 = 100 + 200 + 400 + 800 + 1,600). On the sixth spin one bet 3,200. If one win, one again makes a gain of 100.
If one loses on the initial six spins, one has lost a total of 6,300 and with only 10,000 available, one do not have enough currency to double your former bet. At this point the martingale can not be continued.
In this example the probability of losing 6,300 and being unable to continue the martingale is alike the probability of losing 6 times or (20/38)^6 = 2.1256%. The probability of winning 100 is alike 1 minus the probability of losing 6 times or 1 – (20/38)^6 = 97.8744%. The anticipated worth is (-6,300*.021256) + (100*.978744) = -36.04.

In a classic martingale betting system, players will raise their bets following each loss with the ambition that an finnal win will balance all former losses. The anti-martingale system in contrast raises bets following wins, while decreasing them following a loss. The understanding is that in this way the player will be rewarded by a winning vein or a “hot hand”, while reducing losses while “cold” or otherwise having a losing vein. This belief of increasing bets once conditions are tought to be in favor of the player can better the odds in games with an ability to count by implementing a strategy such as card counting. Yet in a real random no memmory game no such thing as a winning vein or losing vein exists, The notions are player’s fallacy, so this strategy will not improve the anticipated winnings in such occurances. Such rebuttal may also be used in the initial martingale system.

1-3-2-6 Betting System

The name for 1-3-2-6 betting system, really explains what this system is all about. This is a system established on the betting arrangement 1 unit, then 3 units, then 2 units, then 6 units. This kind of blackjack betting system is established on the Paroli system and it’s established on the hypothesisthat a player may win 4 times consecutively.
The system is refered to as a positive progression betting system which means the player increases his betting amount once he wins.

Utilizing the 1-3-2-6 Betting System

It is typically not suggested for players to utilize the 1-3-2-6 betting system for blackjack if you are playing for serious money. You will need to win 4 hands in succession to conclusively finnish the cycle for the system and turn your financial gains. This system should be beneficial for a play for fun gambler but no professional blackjack player will use this betting strategy in an attempt to win big profits.

  1. 1-3-2-6 Betting System
  2. Martingale Betting System
  3. Labouchere Betting System
  4. Paroli Betting System
  5. Parlay Betting System


Example for the 1-3-2-6 Betting System

When utilizing the 1-3-2-6 betting strategy, the initial bet is 1 unit, the 2nd bet is three units, the third bet is two units, and the fourth bet is 6 units. For this example we will assume each unit is $5 and you have even money odds of 1:1.
Your initial bet will be $5. After winning this bet, $5 will be added to the $10 on the table which places the 2nd bet at $15. After winning this bet there will be a sum of $30 on the table. You take back $20 and the 3rd bet is now $10. If your 3rd bet is also a winner, you will have $20 left on the table. Add $10, making a sum of $30 for the fourth bet.
Finally, if the fourth bet wins, there will be a sum of $60 left on the table, which is all your net profit. Now that you finnished the betting cycle, you will go back and start from the beginning. If you lose a bet at any point prior to the betting cycle is finnished, you will start over with the initial $5 bet.
The 1-3-2-6 blackjack betting system is an interesting strategy. With this system you are risking a small amount to win a much bigger amount, if you complete the betting cycle. You can lose six times at the worst scenerio, the 2nd bet, and still completely cover yourself by winning all four bets of the cycle one time.
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Americans Dominate Online Betting

Despite of federal law, someone can place a bet on casinos today just as easily as they could find alcohol during the prohibition. People can’t yet drink via the internet, but they sure can gamble.

Casinos betting USA, poker betting and casino-style games have prospered on the Internet since 1995, with an estimated 2,000 or more sites taking place a bet at the time Congress passed the Unlawful Internet gambling Enforcement Act in 2006. While casinos place a beting was already banned in most of the United States, the new act meant to avert it by restricting financial transactions from taking place among bettor and operator.

The 2006 act, joined with Justice Department apprehensions of several online gaming operators on visits to the United States, led some major firms to cease serving U.S. customers. But people connected to the gaming and financial industries claim plenty of opportunity remains for any American who wants to place a bet by the internet, as anyone searching the Internet can attest.

The same type of bets take place in Nevada, but oposition to Internet gaming worry that the online form is much more available to minors, that it is more addictive and open to involvement by organized crime. They’re concerned about its wide accessibility, which is the very thing that makes attempts to control it so difficult.

“Given the freedom of the Internet, though there have been attempts to limit or prohibit the activity, their efforts frankly are useless,” stated Michael Waxman, spokesman for the Safe and Secure Internet gaming Initiative. The group represents England-based financial firms that would favor to witness online gaming licensed and regulated, as it is in the UK.

Hundreds of online operators are established in the Caribbean and in other places, where they claim the U.S. ban does not apply to them. They set up accounts for customers who send checks, wire their cash payments or use payment-processing services that are also based outside the United States.

So while gaming-coded transactions were obstructed by some U.S. banks and credit card firms soon after the 2006 law, and more will take that step now that federal regulations took effect Jan. 19 to implement the law, such acts fail to stop the activity.

American Bankers Association Vice President Steve Kenneally stated the law primarily has an effect “on the casual user who might try to place a bet on the Super Bowl with a credit card. … It definitely puts a hurdle in front of you if you want to place a bet, but if you want to do it, there’s definitely a way around it.”

The bonus for players is that federal and state laws generally only make it illegal to accept place a bets, not to place them. Legislation will be reintroduced in Congress this session by U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., to license, regulate and tax the operators, but with no indication that Democratic congressional leaders or the Obama administration will back it.

One impact from the U.S. government’s crackdown on the activity is it has removed Americans’ access to some of the larger, more reputable firms that formerly served them, according to Joseph Kelly, a business law professor at State University of New York College at Buffalo. gaming-related firms listed on the London stock exchange backed off after 2006, for example, while less reliable operators filled the void, he stated.

Mr. Kelly helped develop regulations of Internet gaming used by the government of Antigua, and he stated consumers would be better off dealing with firms based there, in England or other well-regulated countries.

Meanwhile, state legislators in Delaware and New Jersey have discussed trying to license casinos betting in those states, a move seldom considered in the past. It would be in reaction to their loss of other gaming revenue, as Pennsylvania’s slot machines have taken away customers from Atlantic City’s casinos and Delaware’s slots parlors.

One way or another, it seems apparent that any future Steelers Super Bowl — like any sporting event, only moreso — will keep drawing place a bets in some form.

As Mr. Kenneally of the bankers association observed, “There’s still casinos around, and gaming’s been illegal for centuries.”

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